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The Original Peanut Butter Pie (Caramel)

The Original Peanut Butter Pie (Caramel)

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Peanut butter lover's dream - The original Caramel Peanut Butter Pie (5 inch). Made with a graham & peanut crust, soft whipped mascarpone cream, peanut butter mousse then topped with honey roasted peanuts. Oh and oozes with a peanut caramel.

Cuisine: Modern Canadian/American

Attributes: Sweet, rich, melt in your mouth, indulgent, handmade

Best Served: Thawed in fridge for 3 hours

Best kept: Frozen

Delivered: Frozen

About Gertie's

Chef of Il Covo in Little Italy, Ryan Campbell and Sara Steep first created this crunchy-gooey peanut-butter perfection for a nostalgia trip, replicating his childhood favourite from mama Gerda. The response was overwhelming. After months of tweaking the recipe, and helps from friends like Alo's pastry chef Domenico Giammarella, the greatest peanut butter dessert ever created was born!


Note: Maybe prepared in facilities that also process common allergens like nuts, seeds, seafood, etc.

Cooking instructions:

Let thawed. With a coffee for breakfast, as an after-school snack, in place of supper, for dessert, or as a late night gluttony with four fingers of gout-infused Amaro.

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