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Ricotta Gnocchi (4 servings)

Ricotta Gnocchi (4 servings)

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A Classic - We start with a base of our house-made ricotta cheese, add some eggs and flour to bring the dough together, and finish by hand rolling each individual gnocchi. This gnocchi pairs well with ragus, pesto, and any tomato or cream based sauces.


Cuisine: Italian

Best Served: Boiled in salted until floating

Best kept: Frozen 

Delivered: Freshly Frozen

Portion: 500g (4 servings)



Tiny Market Co.:

Started in the midst of the pandemic, Tiny Market Co. is run by a tiny team of 5 in the Annex. Besides making pasta, 

Erich and his team have now expanded to tasting menus and pasta making classes!



Note: Maybe prepared in facilities that also process common allergens like nuts, seeds, seafood, etc.


Cooking instructions:

Boiled in salted water for 2-3 mins

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