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Mushroom Momos (12)

Mushroom Momos (12)

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The ultimate comfort food - Every culture has its own version of fillings inside a wrapper, and momos are the Tibetan version of dumpling that will become your new favourite go to!

Juicy, delicious and hand-made with natural ingredients, once you have one, you can't stop! These vegetarian momos are filled with mushroom, paneer cheese, and soy bean.

    Cuisine: Tibetan/Nepali

    Attributes: Savoury, juicy, handmade

    Best Served: Steamed

    Best kept: Frozen

    Delivered: Frozen

    Portion: 12 pieces

    About Momo Hut & Gardens:

    Tashi and his family hand-make these momos from scratch in their cozy Greek Town restaurant. They follow a philosophy of using simple and natural flavours, using the juice of the vegetables to colour and flavour the dough, making sure the gift of Mother Nature shine through every momo. 


    Note: Maybe prepared in facilities that also process common allergens like nuts, seeds, seafood, etc.

    Cooking instructions:

    Cook from frozen do not defrost. Momos are raw and need to be cooked through.

    Best steamed: 8-10 mins

    Pan fry: 10-15 mins 

    1. Pre heat a non-stick pan with a thin layer of vegetable oil on medium heat. 
    2. Once the oil is heated, add momos bottom down and let them brown evenly. 
    3. Add 200ml water to the pan and cover the pan with a fitted lid to steam and boil. 
    4. Lift the lid after 6 mins and slowly cook the water away. 
    5. Cook the bottoms until they’re crispy and golden or dark brown.
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