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Full Sour Pickles

Full Sour Pickles

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Trust your gut - Organic, lacto-fermented pickles using locally-grown Eurika cucumbers and garlic with live fermentation. These incredibly tasty pickles use an old world recipe with real sea salt and wild crafted spices.


Attributes: Flavourful, crunchy, and savoury

Best Served: Ready to eat.

Best kept: Refrigerated.

Delivered: Ready to eat.

Portion: 1 L


About Brined:

Seeing a lack of natural, probiotic pickles on the market, Ryan and his fellow "picklitist" started making their own. Six years later, they found the perfect balance of crunch and deliciousness and were spurred by friends to start their own business.


Organic cucumbers, purified water, organic garlic, sea salt, wild crafted spices.

Note: Maybe prepared in facilities that also process common allergens like nuts, seeds, seafood, etc.


Cooking instructions:

Ready to eat.

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